Waverley Council supports registered charity organisations by offering venues for the following purposes:

  • Brand awareness
  • Collecting names for fundraising
  • Raffles

Conditions of hire

Permits are issued for a six month period and will be processed twice a year in:

  • February for the period March to August
  • August for the period September to February.

Registered charities will be required to provide all of their preferred dates six months in advance.

Applications will not be processed outside of these months. A maximum of four dates in a month will be allowed per charity. Preferably each date in different sites. Available sites are in Bondi Beach and Bondi Junction.

Please note that Council reserves the right to change or not issue a permit during special events and black out days. Should your permit dates/ location need to be changed you will notified as soon as possible in writing.

Application process

  1. View sites available in Bondi Beach and Bondi Junction This external link will open in a new window
  2. Complete an application form online 
  3. Provide a current Australian Public Liability Insurance Certificate of no less than $10 million
  4. Provide a certificate or letter of registration for your charity organisation.

Note: Applications are only received in February and August. Please list all preferred dates for the six month period in advance.

Please see the available days at each site below

Please see the available days at each site below:
Hall Street Post Office, Bondi Mondays, Thursdays, Saturday
Roscoe St Mall, Bondi Monday to Friday (only available in May, June, July, August)
Bondi Rd Post Office, Bondi Mondays, Wednesdays, Saturday
Oxford St Mall Mondays, Wednesdays, Thursdays
Waverley St Mall Tuesdays, Wednesdays, Saturdays

Contact for Charity Permits

Phone: 0434 855 115

Application links

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