Free Wi-Fi


Waverley Council understands the growing demand and importance of technology for both our residents and visitors. From our initial launch at Bondi Beach in 2017, which was the first Australian beach to offer a free Wi-Fi service, we have now over 85,000 registered Wi-Fi users.

Since then we have installed free public Wi-Fi at Bondi Junction (Spring Street and Oxford Street Mall), Waverley Library, Waverley Park, Tamarama Beach, Bondi Beach and Bronte.

Our public Wi-Fi service will have 90 Wi-Fi access points and will use approximately 27,000kw of energy per year. As such, Waverley Council will offset this increase in energy use through the newly installed Solar Panels on Council buildings. Based on our predicted energy usage, new solar arrays will offset 6 times the amount of energy that Waverley Wi-Fi will utilise. Our aim is to have efficient public Wi-Fi throughout Waverley and our iconic beaches.

Free Wi-Fi Tamarama Beach

Wi-Fi access points

  • Bondi Pavilion (Bondi Beach) - Off while restoration works are in progress
  • Bondi Beach / Park Expansion- Live
  • Bondi Junction (Spring Street and Oxford Street Mall)- Live
  • Bronte Beach - Live
  • Tamarama Beach - Live
  • Waverley Park (Margaret Whitlam Recreational Centre and Cafe and Grandstand) - Live
  • Waverley Library (32-48 Denison Street, Bondi Junction) - Live

The Wi-Fi service is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Anyone can access it with a Wi-Fi enabled device.

Connect to FREE Wi-Fi

1) On your phone, search your wireless networks and select _Bondi Free Wi-Fi

2) You will need to register your details and read and accept the Terms and Conditions and Privacy Policy from the screen and click on agree

3) Once registration is complete you will receive a confirmation email

4) A landing page will then load and you are ready to begin surfing the internet courtesy of Waverley Council

5) Enjoy the surf, sun and FREE Wi-Fi!

Wi-Fi Usage

Users have a download limit of 512MB and a time limit of 3 hours in a day (24 hours from midnight). Once this limit is reached users will need to wait until after midnight when limits are reset before reconnecting to this service.

The free Wi-Fi service is provided for general use and is not intended to be used for business purposes. Council may choose to limit downloads and connection times and use content filtering systems as a part of this service.

To read our media release click here.