Cultural diversity

Our community is made up of people from many different parts of the globe, speaking different languages, adhering to many different religious views and maintaining various cultural practices. This makes Waverley a vibrant and interesting area to work, visit and live in.

The Waverley local government area (LGA) is one of the most densely populated and highly-visited local government areas in Australia. Bondi Beach is arguably the most recognised beach in Australia and the area is a popular destination for both local, national and international tourists.

For more information about our diverse community, click to view a snapshot of our Multicultural community.

What we do

Waverley Council recognises and celebrates our culturally diverse community. We are committed to providing appropriate, equitable and accessible services for everyone.

Our approach

The ways in which we support multicultural communities are set out in our Cultural Diversity Strategy. The strategy has 5 key objectives;

  • Leadership
  • Community harmony
  • Planning and engagement
  • Access and equity
  • Economic and cultural opportunities

Projects and initiatives

  • Employ a Community Development Officer, Diversity
  • Work in partnership with the community on programs and events
  • Achieve active representation through our Multicultural Advisory Committee
  • Provide a Language Aide program for customers by trained Council staff
  • Translate key information in community languages
  • Maintain an extensive community language collections in the Library

Want to know more?

Contact Community Development Officer — Diversity
Phone: 02 9083 8999