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If you own land, a home or business within the Waverley local government area (LGA), you will be required to pay rates to Council.

The income collected from rates is used by Council to provide essential infrastructure and services such as roads, footpaths, parks, sporting fields, playgrounds, stormwater drainage, swimming pools, community centres, cycle ways, public amenities and Waverley Library.

You can choose to pay your rates in full as stated on the rate notice by 31 August each year, or by quarterly instalments.

Visit our Rates webpage for more information about rates and charges.

Commercial Waste Services Payment

We offer commercial waste and recycling services at competitive prices for local businesses. For more information, please visit our Commercial waste and recycling services webpage.

Online e-Certificates

Waverley Council issues a number of planning, building and development certificates, many of which you can now apply and pay for online. This includes:

Registered users

You can choose to become a registered user of the e-Certificate service, which will make ordering multiple certificates quicker and easier, and will provide you with access to a full history of all previous orders and transactions on the site. This is recommended for customers who may need to lodge applications regularly for a variety of e-Certificates.

One-time users

One-time users can order multiple certificates at once and track the status of their applications, but will need to enter their contact details each time they lodge an application online. This is recommended for customers who many only need to use the system once or very rarely.

Licensing, Permit & Planning Payments

Some Council fees including parking permits, planning applications and registration and inspection fees can be paid online using your Payment Reference Number.

Having trouble paying your rates online? Make sure you have enabled 'TLS' option with your Web Browser and then try it again!