Strategic Planning & Development Committee

Council has established the Strategic Planning and Development Committee (PD Committee) under clause 20.2 of Council’s Code of Meeting Practice.


The Committee can determine any matter within its delegation. However, its primary focus is to consider and determine town planning and development-related issues in the Waverley area. These include but are not limited to:

  • Proposed changes to the Waverley Local Environment Plan 2014.
  • Proposed changes to the Waverley Development Control Plan 2014.
  • Planning proposals.
  • Submissions to state government agencies on town planning related matters of significance to Waverley such as the Central District Plan.
  • Changes to planning legislation.
  • Changes to Council planning or development related policies such as the Planning Agreements Policy or the Developer Contributions Policy.
  • Policy matters concerning the operation of the Waverley Development Assessment Panel.
  • Heritage matters including Conservation Management Plans.
  • Land & Environment Court decisions that may impact on Council development controls and policies.
  • Building Compliance issues of significance such as Private Certification, illegal backpackers, short stay letting, footpath seating.
  • Environmental Action Plan implementation and progress against our strategic environmental targets.
  • Urban and coastal resilience strategies and policies.
  • Urban Ecology plans and greening policies.
  • Strategic transport planning plans and strategies.
  • Economic development plans and strategies.
  • Urban design plans and strategies.


Council has delegated to the Committee the authority to determine all functions of Council under the Local Government Act 1993 or any other Act, other than the following:

  1. the appointment of a general manager,
  2. the making of a rate,
  3. a determination under section 549 as to the levying of a rate,
  4. the making of a charge,
  5. the fixing of a fee,
  6. the borrowing of money,
  7. the voting of money for expenditure on its works, services or operations,
  8. the compulsory acquisition, purchase, sale, exchange or surrender of any land or other property (but not including the sale of items of plant or equipment),
  9. the acceptance of tenders to provide services currently provided by members of staff of the council,
  10. the adoption of an operational plan under section 405,
  11. the adoption of a financial statement included in an annual financial report,
  12. a decision to classify or reclassify public land under Division 1 of Part 2 of Chapter 6,
  13. the fixing of an amount or rate for the carrying out by the council of work on private land,
  14. the decision to carry out work on private land for an amount that is less than the amount or rate fixed by the council for the carrying out of any such work,
  15. the review of a determination made by the council, and not by a delegate of the council, of an application for approval or an application that may be reviewed under section 82A of the Environmental Planning and Assessment Act 1979,
  16. the power of the council to authorise the use of reasonable force for the purpose of gaining entry to premises under section 194,
  17. a decision under section 356 to contribute money or otherwise grant financial assistance to persons,
  18. a decision under section 234 to grant leave of absence to the holder of a civic office,
  19. the making of an application, or the giving of a notice, to the Governor or Minister,
  20. this power of delegation,
  21. any function under this or any other Act that is expressly required to be exercised by resolution of the Council.
  22. Despite clause (i) above, the Committee does not have delegated authority to accept any tenders.
  23. The adoption of a Community Strategic Plan, Resourcing Strategy and Delivery Program as defined under Sections 402, 403, and 404 of the Local Government Act.


All members of the Committee are Councillors.


Council has appointed Cr Steven Lewis as the chair of the committee. If Cr Lewis is unable to chair the meeting, Cr Elaine Keenan, will chair the meeting.

Meeting days and times 

The Committee meets on the first Tuesday of each month at 7.30 pm at Council Chambers (corner of Bondi Road and Paul Street, Bondi Junction).

Agendas and minutes

Agendas are available on Council’s website from 12 pm on the Friday before the meeting.

Minutes are available on Council’s website from 12 pm on the Monday following the meeting.

Public participation

Council meetings are open to the public, except any part of the meeting that is held in closed session.

Members of the public can address the Council on items on the agenda, or alternatively email their submission to Councillors prior to the meeting.

Meeting live stream

Council meetings are streamed live via the internet and an audio-visual recording of the meeting will be publicly available on Council’s website.