The Waverley Local Government Area is home to Australia’s most famous beach – Bondi – a must-visit destination for anyone exploring Sydney. This iconic beach holds the distinction of being the most widely shared and photographed Australian beach on social media (source). In 2022, Bondi attracted over 880,000 domestic overnight visitors, with 87% enjoying local dining experiences and 52% visiting the beach (source). Notably, solo travellers and adult couples were Bondi’s largest domestic visitor cohort, with 59% of visitors falling in the age range of 15-39.

It is easy to understand why the Bondi Beach region is both a popular destination and a desirable place to live. The beach itself holds national heritage status as a symbol of Australia's famous beach culture and lifestyle, offering the quintessential Australian summer experience with clear blue waters, golden sand, and excellent surf. The region provides access to neighbouring beaches, including Tamarama and Bronte, which are accessible from Bondi via scenic coastal walks.

Surrounding Bondi Beach are a range of shopping precincts from small businesses to luxury fashion houses in Bondi Junction, providing locals and visitors with a diverse array of boutique and luxury shopping, gourmet dining experiences, art galleries and more. The area also hosts a variety of year-round cultural events, such as the Bondi Festival, Festival of the Winds and Sculpture by the Sea.

In its commitment to maintaining a harmonious environment for both residents and visitors, Waverley Council diligently works to strike a balance, ensuring a sustainable and safe environment for locals and visitors.

Being Tourism Ready

When trying to attract visitors to your business, the Federal and State governments have excellent resources available:

  • Tourism Australia industry website – resources include assistance with SEO (search engine optimisation), getting listed on the Australian Tourism Data Warehouse, webinars and trade news.
  • Destination NSW –  use the Get Connected program to potentially get featured on the and websites, Business Development Resources and trade news.

Hello Bondi

Council maintains the website as a means to provide visitors with reliable information on beach safety, local walks and attractions in the area.

Sustainable Visitation Strategy 2024

As custodians of some of Australia’s most iconic natural landmarks, Waverley Council is conscious of the need to balance tourism with protecting our home for future generations.

The Sustainable Tourism Strategy relies on the principles of sustainable destination management as a best practice model. The principles are committed to ensuring low impact on the environment and local culture, whilst driving future employment for the community.

Bondi beach by Photo by Azucena Stelzer