Council leadership on environmental action

Despite Waverley Local Government Area being only 9.35 square km, Council has a long history of taking innovative and proactive action to protect the environment and enhance the liveability of the neighbourhood.

Council is a leader in sustainability through setting defined goals and controls, direct action and administering programs that empower the community to contribute to sustainability.

Council’s Environmental Action Plan and companion policies, frameworks and strategies set a pathway towards achieving the following targets:

  • Net Zero Council emissions by 2030
  • Net Zero community emissions by 2035
  • 0% increase in community water use by 2030 based on 2005/06 levels
  • Improve water quality with a target of good or better Beachwatch rating for all beaches
  • 80% recovery rate from all waste streams by 2030 based on 2017/18 levels
  • 50% reduction in organic waste sent to landfill by 2023 from 2017/18 levels
  • 60% reduction in litter by 2023 from 2009 levels
  • 0% loss of remnant vegetation from 2022 onwards
  • 20% of remnant vegetation in good condition by 2030
  • 35% green cover by 2032
  • 1000 habitat gardens established by 2030

In this section, explore the strategies that guide Council’s sustainability efforts and the action Council itself is taking to make sustainability ‘second nature’ in Waverley .

Information is also included for all key programs available to residents wishing to live more sustainably.