Bondi junction cycle way
Bondi Junction Cycleway and Streetscape Upgrade 

Waverley has a high level of participation in cycling compared to many other LGAs, as evidenced in cycling participation surveys (14.5% cycling in past week in 2019 survey compared to 11.8% in Greater Sydney).

The 2022/23 Household Travel Survey found the average distance of a trip within Waverley is about 3.5 km whereas in Greater Sydney average trips are about 7.5 km. This makes cycling a viable transport option for many Waverley residents.

Waverley's People, Movement and Places transport vision specifies a Cycling Strategy to be one of 12 signature projects, with a new Waverley Bike Plan to be published in late 2024 updating the current version. This focus is motivated by not only meeting community demand, but also safety, with the 2021 Engagement Survey Report finding 69% of respondents felt unsafe riding around Waverley, but 95% agreed that they were comfortable riding on a separated bike path.

When consultation occurred regarding the Waverley's People, Movement and Places transport vision, separated safe cycleways were the highest priority transport project nominated by residents. A key challenge for Council is to deliver this priority, while also accommodating many competing demands for space, such as on-street parking. As such, Council is progressively improving road conditions for bike riders, with the Major Projects section of the website tracking significant works such as the Curlewis St Streetscape Upgrade due for completion in 2025. Council is also investing in other cycling infrastructure such as bike parking and facilitating bike share services locally.

Waverley is featured in the NSW Government’s Strategic Cycleway Corridors Eastern Harbour City plan, the beginnings of which have already been delivered with the Bondi Junction Cycleway completed in 2022 enabling bike riders to connect with existing cycleways in the City of Sydney.


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Bike parking

Aside from on-street bike racks provided by Council, Transport for NSW maintains 12 bike lockers at Bondi Junction. A shared bike shed along Grafton Street is also under development.

If you have an idea of a location that could benefit from on-street bike parking, please email Transport at Council

Please provide:

  • Your name and contact details
  • The suggested location
  • Who will most likely be using this parking – tenants, students, short term visitors, commuters, etc.
  • Photos to supplement the request details

Council will investigate the request and check if it meets the criteria to be installed. Note that Council cannot install bicycle parking on private property.

Road rules around separated cycleways

The videos below provide a quick refresher on the road rules when travelling on or near a cycleway.


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