Precinct committees

Precincts are committees of residents who meet regularly to discuss matters of concern to the local area. In 1996, 2001 and again in 2007, we reviewed the Precinct system and boundaries and there are 13 Precincts covering all Waverley residents.

All residents living within the boundaries of their Precinct are welcome to participate in their Precinct Committee meetings.

Precinct meetings are organised by volunteer local residents who are elected annually by members. Meetings are open to any person living within the Precinct boundaries.

If you are unsure of which Precinct you belong to, consult our street search page.

You can also contact Council's Community Liaison Coordinator on 9083 8120.

Precinct meeting dates are advertised monthly in your local newspaper and a notice of the meeting agenda will generally be placed in your letterbox.

Finding out more about your local Precincts is a great way to keep in touch with what is going on in your local area.

If you attend regularly you will get to know a great deal about your area and the services provided by your Council. Council staff and Councillors frequently attend meetings to provide information and to take Precinct concerns back to Council.

These precinct web pages, accessed via Waverley Council’s homepage, are the only official site of the Waverley Council Precinct system. Other sites, which may provide information about Council’s precincts, do not express the views of Council. They reflect the opinions and ideas of the individuals who create and maintain those sites.

For further information about Precincts visit:

Why Council Supports Precincts

Waverley Council has supported a resident Precinct system for over 20 years because we are committed to encouraging resident participation in Council decision-making. Council works closely with the Precincts and regularly sends out information which include:

  • development applications in the area
  • traffic management proposals
  • Council policies and management plans
  • landscaping and environmental plans
  • changes to local services
  • community services

The comments and recommendations of the Precinct meetings are forwarded to Council where appropriate action is taken. Council will consider Precinct comments as an important input into decision-making about changes, developments or plans for improvements for the area. Precincts are not decision-making committees, but a source of community opinion for your elected Councillors and for Council Officers.