Illegal dumping & litter

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Council operates a clean-up collection for bulky household waste that allows residents to have up to three pick-ups per calendar year, so there is no reason for materials to be dumped on public land. In fact, many items that are dumped could have been recycled, re-used or dropped off for free (review our A-Z Waste & Recycling Directory for more information).

Illegal dumping can incur an on the spot fine of $4,000 for individuals and $8,000 for corporations in addition to liability under the NSW Protection of the Environment Operations Act. Fines are even greater if issued by the EPA. Surveillance cameras are used in Waverley Council to deter and respond to incidences of illegal dumping.

Report illegal dumping

Notify Council of any items illegally dumped on public land through the Snap Send Solve app, via our website form or by calling Customer Service.

Council encourages the public to report dumping quickly to assist with our investigations and enforcement. 

Report littering

If you see a person litter from a vehicle, report this to the EPA. This includes cigarette butts being littered, rubbish blowing off an uncovered vehicle load, and falling litter.

If you see any Council bins that require a service, advise us by selecting ‘Waste Issue’ from our website form.

Recycle on the go

Aside from rubbish bins, Council provides street mixed recycling bins through the local government area.

There are also several Return and Earn stations throughout the area including three at Bondi Junction alone. Find your closest station and get paid to return your recyclable cans and bottles.

Report abandoned shopping trollies

red and yellow bin

Need more information?

  • Phone our Customer Service at 9083 8000
  • Email us

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