Parking enforcement & safety

Report illegally parked vehicles using the Snap Send Solve App and it will be sent immediately to the patrol as an SMS.

Parking Fines

Waverley Council’s parking officers regularly patrol residential and commercial areas to ensure vehicles are parked in accordance with the relevant road rules and parking restrictions. These officers play an important role in ensuring the availability of parking in our area and road safety.

Parking officers issue parking fines to vehicles that have overstayed or parked illegally on behalf of Revenue NSW.

Please note that Waverley Council cannot adjudicate on parking fines issued within Waverley. All infringement enquiries and appeals must be lodged directly with Revenue NSW.

Road Rules

You can report dangerous driving to:

School Safety

All road rules apply in the Waverley Council Local Government Area, however we particularly draw your attention regarding safe driving in school zones.

We encourage local schools to display the Quick Guide to school zone safety on site.