Strata by-law templates for waste management

Waverley Council has prepared two strata by-law templates for waste management and provides these for free to strata communities within our Local Government Area.

The strata by-law templates are tools for strata communities to address waste management and disposal issues in apartment buildings and can be tailored for use at your building.

Strata by-law templates for waste management:

1. The Waste Disposal Strata By-Law Template:

    • clarifies responsibility for correct disposal of rubbish, recycling and bulky household waste; and
    • allows an owners corporation to recover costs and expenses from non-compliant owners.

2. The Moving In / Out Strata By-Law Template:

    • provides a resident induction process; and
    • sets standards and clarifies expectations for waste storage, waste disposal, and/or booking a collection of unwanted items for residents moving in or out.

The strata by-law templates for waste management have been drafted by strata lawyer Amanda Farmer exclusively for Waverley Council.

For information about the strata by-law templates, download the free Guide to creating by-laws to manage waste.

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More information

Learn more about using your waste by-law

Watch a recording of our webinars with strata legal expert Amanda Farmer Smooth Moves - Set your strata community up for success, from the moment a new resident moves in and How to Combat Bad Behaviour in Apartment Buildings Using By-laws.

This template by-law prepared by:
Amanda Farmer
Lawyers Chambers
Phone: (02) 8262 6100

This project is a NSW EPA Waste Less, Recycle More initiative funded from the waste levy

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