Mobility parking spaces

Cars used by MPS permit holders (drivers or passengers) can be parked in spaces showing the international symbol of access for people with a mobility disability. Waverley Council provides on-street mobility parking spaces to residents with MPS permits subject to an assessment of available off-street and on-street parking.

Mobility parking signsApplications for mobility parking spaces are assessed using a guideline endorsed by Council. The guideline outlines the eligibility criteria and assessment process for an on-street mobility parking space.

Mobility parking spaces are not reserved for private use. They can be used by any eligible MPS permit holder.

Am I eligible for on-street disability parking?

An application does not guarantee a mobility parking space will be installed. The following criteria needs to be satisfied:

  1. The applicant is a resident living at the address.
  2. The applicant has an approved TfNSW Mobility Parking Scheme permit. Note that temporary permits will only be considered if there are extenuating circumstances.
  3. The application is for a vehicle registered to the address.
  4. The property does not have accessible off-street parking.
  5. Parking demands within 50 metres either side and opposite the property is to be above 85% capacity (this will be assessed by Council officers via a random daytime site visit and review of Google Street View images).

What is required for the application of an on-street disability parking space?

To apply, the following documents are required by Council:

  • A completed On-street Mobility Parking Space application form.
  • A copy of both sides of a current mobility parking scheme permit from Transport for NSW. A photo or scan is OK.
  • A copy of a current vehicle registration certificate with the address matching the residence. The owner of the vehicle can be another person who resides at the same address. A photo or scan is OK.
  • Confirmation that the resident does not have access to an off-street parking space (disabled or otherwise). For apartments this could be a letter from the strata manager confirming that the residence does not have an allocated parking spot within the property.

Who approves the mobility parking space?

If eligible, a report is submitted the Waverley Traffic Committee for consideration. The committee will make a recommendation to Council. Council will then determine whether to approve the application.

How to apply?

Submit the completed application form with all supporting documents via:


In person: Customer Service Centre, 55 Spring St, Bondi Junction, Monday to Friday - 9am to 5pm

Post: PO Box 9, Bondi Junction NSW 1355

Processing of applications may take up to 8 weeks depending on the timing of the Traffic Committee and Council meetings.