Councils are the local authority for the NSW Companion Animals Act, which in practice means Waverley Council assists residents comply with the regulation in relation to dog and cat ownership. Our Council Rangers also enforce parts of the Act in the community.

Browse the sections below for information related to dog and cat ownership in Waverley. The NSW Government also has extensive information available.

Council Rangers have authorised powers for the purposes of enforcing the Companion Animals Act. These include being able to:

  • Request the full name and residential address of an animal’s owner;
  • Retrieve identification information from a companion animal i.e. scan an animal’s microchip.

Council Rangers can:

  • Issue a fine for not complying with the Act;
  • Issue a Notice, Order or Declaration for Nuisance, Dangerous, Menacing or Restricted dogs;
  • Seize dogs or cats in certain circumstances.

Please note, Waverley Council’s role in administering the NSW Companion Animals Act relates to dogs and cats only.