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  1. This information is being collected for the purpose of delivering rate notices and associated reminders by email, and so that Council can advise you of services available to you as a rate payer via email. We will only use your contact phone number if your email address becomes undeliverable.
  2. You must be the registered  owner of the property address shown above to receive the rate notice by email
  3. Council will through its agents, Print Mail Logistics Ltd, issue each installment notice at least one month prior to the due date for payment.
  4. If you wish to stop receiving rates by email, you will need to advise Council in writing (includes by email).
  5. If you own more than one property and register, you will need to register separately for each property.  Separate email notifications will be issued, matching the number of registrations received.
  6. Changes to your email address need to be submitted in writing.  Please allow 45 days prior to the due date to ensure correct service delivery
  7. For further information or assistance please contact the Council's Customer Service Centre on 9083 8000 or by email to

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