There are a number of ways to protect your property from graffiti.

You can make your home or business less attractive to graffiti taggers by using some of the following strategies:

Color or texture replacement

Replace smooth surfaces with a surface that is difficult to paint or draw on. Surfaces that are difficult to apply paint or markers to, such as rough or uneven surfaces, reduce opportunities for graffiti.

Anti-graffiti coatings

Anti-graffiti coatings can be applied to most walls and structure types to make cleaning graffiti faster and easier. Coatings are particularly useful on natural surfaces.

Landscaping or planting

Covering surfaces with vegetation reduces their suitability for graffiti by reducing access to the wall. Options include hedging plants, creeping vegetation, or natural fencing material.


Lighting and surveillance aim to increase the perceived risk of detection of the offender. This is achieved by removing concealed areas and maximising the chances that offenders will be seen or caught (or increasing their perceived risk).

Rapid removal

Prompt graffiti removal is seen as best practice because it diminishes the level or recognition and reward achieved by graffiti vandals.

How to clean off graffiti will depend upon the surface type and marker used. You can contact your local hardware store for advice about the best products for your situation.

Visit the NSW Justice and Attorney General Crime Prevention Division website for specific methods used to remove graffiti from common vandalised surfaces.