Water and the coast

Waverley is home to an almost 10km stretch of coastline from Australia’s most famous beach – Bondi in the north to Bronte in the south.

Whilst Waverley’s location makes for an amazing place to live, pollutants from urban development and community activities can impact water quality as reported on Beachwatch. At the same time, global warming is impacting the global water cycle, as temperatures rise every year being warmer than the decade before, causing droughts and intense rainfall events to occur more often.

Council is taking action towards sustainable water use, by managing and conserving our local water supplies. Waverley has extensive water harvesting and recycling systems. Underground infrastructure at Tamarama, Bondi and Bronte Gully is enabling the treatment and reuse of over 90 megalitres every year.

Council also manages Stormwater Quality Improvement Devices and raingardens that filter and clean stormwater before it reaches the ocean, across 80% of our catchment, with over 90% of trapped waste recycled.

Resident action is vital in reducing mains water use and keeping stormwater free of pollutants. Explore how to contribute below.