Neighbourhood issues

Waverley Council works to reduce neighbourhood issues. Find out more information about:

Graffiti Management

Graffiti is an ongoing issue in Waverley. Waverley Council's Graffiti Management Policy outlines the strategies and procedures Waverley Council uses when addressing graffiti.

Noise and disturbance

Noise generated by mechanical ventilation and air conditioning units can be a serious concern for residents, and may be cause for complaint.

Illegal dumping

It is illegal to leave waste on public land such as streets, laneways, parks, footpaths, car parks or waterways.

If you see any dumped waste please contact Council on 9083 8000 with the following information:

  • Where the waste is located/address
  • Nearest cross street
  • If the waste is on public land/footpath, road or park
  • Type of waste that has been dumped
  • Any other information which may assist us in identifying the person/s who dumped the waste.

Abandoned shopping trolleys

Abandoned shopping trolleys can be a safety hazard. Shopping trolley providers in Waverley are required to have a Shopping Trolley Management System in place. Coles and Woolworths have implemented a shopping trolley wheel locking system around Eastgate and Westfield shopping centres to prevent customers from removing trolleys from those centres. 

Unfortunately, some members of the public have not been deterred by the wheel locking devises and continue to remove (drag) trolleys and abandoned them in our streets and parks.

Rat Control

Waverley Council is working hard to reduce the number of rats in the area. To find out how you can help please follow the link.

Our smoke-free areas

Currently, all of Waverely's beaches, Hall Street, Bondi and Spring Street and Oxford Street Mall in Bondi Junction are smoke free areas, to help protect the community from passive smoke. Learn more here.