Native vegetation and animal habitat

Amongst rugged cliffs, sandy soils and strong salty winds, Waverley's natural landscape supports unique native vegetation communities and native birds, mammals and reptiles.

In Waverley, there are six hectares of remnant bushland, which refers to areas that have escaped development and have some intact native vegetation at the site. That may sound like a large space, but it’s only 0.06sqkm in the 9.35sqkm total LGA. As such, the protection of this remaining landscape heritage is crucial.

Despite much of our local area being urban development, the more resilient species of native animals still manage to find resources such as food and shelter in remnant bushland, parklands, roadside vegetation and in private gardens. These ‘urban adapters’ are doing well across our environment, whereas smaller and more vulnerable species are facing local extinction.

Find out more about Waverley’s unique environment below and how to get involved in protecting and enhancing places for our unique plants and animals.