Sustainable transport


Transport policies

Waverley Council’s sustainability transport targets, Transport Plan and key projects.


Take a stroll on one of our coastal scenic walks, Charing Cross to Bronte heritage walk or discover our Green Links walking routes.


All you need to know about riding in Waverley including events, workshops, cycling tips, and maps.

School travel

Walking and riding programs for schools.

Public transport

Bus routes, trains and ferries in and around the Waverley Council area.

Car share

Find out how you can get access to a car, anytime, from one of the many car share pods in our area.

Pick Up Drop Off (PUDO)

As part of Council's Smart City Transport and Parking Initiative, we are preparing to run a twelve-month trial by enabling pick up / drop-off (PUDO) bays around the Waverley LGA.

Council vehicle fleet

Council is cleaning up its vehicles and encouraging staff to ride and use public transport.

Our transport vision

To increase transport choices for residents and visitors, improve accessibility to centres and across the whole LGA, and reduce car travel overall.

More information

For more information about transport options around Waverley, please email our Sustainable Transport Officer or phone 9083 8678

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