Reporting graffiti

Report It-  Reporting graffiti to Council is a way to ensure graffiti is managed throughout Waverley.

When do I report graffiti to Waverley Council?

  • If the graffiti is offensive (offensive graffiti means racist, sexist, contains crude language, or personal information, depicts graphics of a sexual or violent nature)
  • If the graffiti is on a high profile and/or primary location
  • If the graffiti is on Council property
  • Graffiti from other sites may be removed 'at cost' within 20 days of notification.

When do I report graffiti to the police?

You should contact Waverley Police Station on 9083 9899 immediately:

  • If you see someone writing graffiti
  • If you know or suspect someone is doing graffiti.

Reporting graffiti to Police ensures it is registered as a crime of malicious damage in the Waverley Local Area. This helps the police and Council to understand what is happening in our area and design effective strategies in response.

What information do I need to provide when reporting graffiti to Council or police?

  • The location of the graffiti
  • Is the graffiti offensive?

How do I report graffiti on other public property?

The following authorities are responsible for removing graffiti from their own property (click on the links for contact information):

  • Energy Australia- Electrical sub-stations
  • RMS- Road signs on main roads such as New South Head Road
  • Telstra- Phone boxes and infrastructure
  • Railcorp- Railcorp infrastructure along rail corridors, trains and railway stations
  • Sydney Water- Water reservoirs and pipelines.