Composting & wormfarming

It’s easy to recycle your food scraps from your home and business with compost bins and worm farms. You can halve your rubbish and create your own high quality organic fertiliser for growing healthy veggies and plants. Composting and wormfarming also prevents wasteful transport of food scraps to landfill where they produce harmful greenhouse gases.

Working together to build a wormfarm.Compost and wormfarming

What’s best for my home?

Composts are often best for houses. They are bigger and can hold more food waste as well as garden waste. As they are more compact, worm farms are great for apartments and small houses, and can go inside or on balconies in a shaded spot. If you have a vegetable garden, you might want to consider an in-ground Subpod which also doubles as a seat!

Want a discounted compost bin or worm farm?

Do Council’s free online tutorial and quiz at Compost Revolution, then receive your discounted compost or worm farm (worms additional) delivered to your door.

All residents of Waverley are eligible for a 70% discounted worm farm or compost bin.

Are you looking to order a community compost bin for a:

  • School or Community Garden Group: please email us for more information and to receive the discount code for FREE compost bins or worm farms.
  • Street or Verge Garden: get approval from Council and then email us to receive the discount code for FREE compost bins or worm farms.
  • If you want signs and extra tips, or for anything larger scale please email us.

Need spare compost or wormfarming parts?

Contact Tumbleweed on 1800 809 088.

More Information

Got a specific question about composting or wormfarming? Head to the Compost Revolution Facebook page or please contact the Sustainable Waste team via email here.

Downloadable Guides


Helpful tutorials for the products available can be found via the Compost Revolution page which can be revisited at any time. Additionally, please see below some videos of our new products offered that you may be interested in.

Join the Compost Revolution

Get up to 70% off a worm farm or compost bin and cut your waste in half with the Compost Revolution

Need more information?

Sustainable Waste Team
Phone: 9083 8000

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