Verge gardens

If you have a verge in front of your property, then you have the chance to create a beautiful public garden. A well-maintained verge garden can help to reduce lawn mowing, provide habitat for birds, cool the neighbourhood and make your home and street look fantastic. It can also strengthen community connections, building relationships between neighbours and thereby reducing loneliness.

Because verges are situated on public land owned by Council, before you create a verge garden you must first read the Verge Garden Guidelines and email the completed application form / checklist (located on the last page of the guide).

For garden proposals in any other public space location, including verges not situated in front of the owner’s property, see details here.

Verge Garden FAQs

What is a verge garden?

A verge garden is a garden planted on land between a private property and the road kerb, that is planted and maintained by the resident

Why would I plant a verge garden?

A verge garden can reduce lawn mowing, provide habitat for small wildlife and insects, cool the neighbourhood, and make your home and street look amazing. It’s also a great way to get to know your neighbours and create a greater sense of community in your street.

Why do I need to submit an application to plant on the verge?

Council is responsible for ensuring the verge area is free of trip hazards and pedestrians and drivers have visibility of approaching traffic on the road and driveways, it is important there are some guidelines to keep everyone safe.

We also need to ensure that problem weeds aren’t inadvertently planted.

Can anyone apply to plant a verge garden?

Yes, anyone who is a resident of Waverley and has access to a grassed area between their home and the road can apply.

What will I need to start?

  1. First read the verge garden guidelines
  2. Next complete the easy tick-box application form on the last page of the Verge Garden Guidelines and Induction Checklist
  3. Complete a sketch of the verge garden and where the plants will go.
  4. Then, submit your completed application form to Council with your rough sketch to

How long does it take council to approve a verge garden application?

Verge applications are usually assessed within 7 business days, if all documents, including plan and approvals (from strata or building owner etc) are included.

It’s also a good idea to let the neighbours know that you’re applying for a Verge Garden, as council will ask if you’ve advised your neighbours.

Can I hand draw my plan of where I will be planting different plants in my proposed verge?

Yes you can, hand drawn plans allow us to see your intended plantings.

What if I rent? Do I need permission from my landlord?


If you’re renting the property you live in and you live in a free-standing dwelling such as a house or townhouse, you’ll need written approval from the owner or landlord, please submit this to Council with your application.

What if I live in an apartment?

If you’re living in an apartment building (renting or an owner), you’ll need written permission from your strata corporation before you commence, you’ll also need to provide this to council as part of your application, in addition to this it’s useful to let the other neighbours know you’re planning to plant a verge, you could do this by putting a

Can my verge garden be located outside my neighbour’s house?

If you would like all or part of your verge garden to be located on the verge outside your neighbour’s property, you will need written approval from them and provide this to Council with your application.

What should I plant?

Shrubs and trees that will achieve a height of less than 2 meters as explained in the Verge Garden Guidelines which also includes an extensive list of native plants to choose from. We recommend and encourage, the use of locally native plants as they are suited to the coastal condition and will have a better survival rate. They also provide food and shelter for native wildlife and require less water than many exotic species

What is the best time of year to start a verge garden?

Autumn, Winter, and Spring are the best times to plant, your plants will have a better survival rate if you avoid planting during the hotter months. Don’t plant your new garden before going on holiday, as your new plants will need regular watering for several months.

Can I plant a tree on my verge?

Only trees selected by Council can be planted on a verge. The Waverley Street Tree Master Plan outlines the type of trees selected for each area based on spoil and climatic conditions. You can request a tree for your verge here.

Do I have to use raised garden beds for my verge garden?

No. You don’t need to include raised beds in your verge garden

I would like to use raised beds for my new verge garden, where can I get these?

If you choose to use raised beds you can purchase these from a variety of resellers, including public marketplace sites, garden centres and some hardware stores. Ensure any raised bed purchased meets all of council’s requirements, which you will find in the verge garden guidelines.

Where can I get plants for my new verge garden?

All residents can access free native plants through the Living Connections Program after they have verge garden approval.

Nurseries that provide quality local native plant species:

  • Randwick Community Nursery
    2B Barker Street, Kingsford NSW 2032
  • Indigigrow Nursery
    La Perouse Public School, Bunnerong Rd, La Perouse
    Matraville Sports High School, Anzac Parade, Chifley
  • Marrickville Community Native Nursery
    142 Addison Rd, Marrickville NSW 2204
  • Annandale Community Native Nursery
    22 Wisdom Street, Annandale NSW 2038
  • Sutherland Community Nursery
    345 The Boulevarde, Gymea NSW
  • Sydney Wildflower Nursery
    9 Veno Street, Heathcote, NSW, 2036

When you visit a nursery to select plants, speak to the people that are in the native plant section at these locations, and show them a photo of your planned verge location and surrounds, as you may get some further suggestions or ideas.

Where else can I get help?

Council staff are ready to help you with submitting your application and answering any questions you may have.

Contact: 02 9083 8916 Email:

Want to know more?

Contact the Coordinator Local Connections 
Phone: 02 9083 8916

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