Community partnerships

Waverley Council has initiated a number of projects using civic pride strategies to strengthen the capacity of local communities to work together to deter graffiti.

Civic Pride

The Civic Pride Program is a grass roots, Council supported way of building on our sense of community, caring for the local environment and getting to know other people in the community.

O'Donnell Street Laneway Project

An example of a successful Civic Pride project is the O'Donnell Street Laneway Project.

This project was developed in consultation with local residents once the laneway was identified as a graffiti 'hot spot' location.

With support from residents, we implemented crime prevention through environmental design strategies including painting the entire laneway a dark colour (dark colours are hard to graffiti tag as graffiti taggers commonly carry dark paints and textas) and planting vines on trellises to protect vulnerable blank fences.

Civic Pride volunteers agreed to paint out graffiti tags as soon as they appear and to take care of the vines. We continue to provide supplies and our committed volunteers have done a fabulous job.

The result has been very successful, and the laneway which was once full of graffiti tags, is now graffiti tag free.