Rates refund form

  • This form is for the purpose of refunding overpayment of rates and charges.
  • Overpayment of Waverley Council rates can only be refunded if your account is in credit (overpaid for the current financial year).
  • Refund processing time may take up to 21 business days from the date we receive your completed application.

Disputed payment

If the applicant is in the process of disputing this payment with their Bank, Financial Institution or BPAY DO NOT COMPLETE THIS FORM. Waverley Council cannot take action while the payment is under dispute. The Applicant must refer back to their Bank, Financial Institution or BPAY for action.

PLEASE NOTE: your credit card details are not required, please do not provide this information anywhere on the form.

Required fields are marked with an asterisk (*).

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Payment Details

When was the payment made? *

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Bank Statement and/or Copy of Credit Card Statement including name(s) and address. Please remove credit card number from statement.

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Declaration * By accepting this declaration and/or completing the transaction you are verifying that
  • you are authorised to make this application
  • the statements and information provided are accurate, true and complete
  • you have received all relevant third party consents and authorisations
  • you attest to the validity of all content within this electronic application.


    Waverley Council (55 Spring Street, Bondi Junction NSW 2022) is collecting and holding your personal information to organise a refund. Finance department will receive and access your refund request. The supply of your information is voluntary. If you do not provide your personal information, we might not be able to access and organise your refund. You have a right to access and correct the personal information you provide. Questions concerning privacy or the use of your personal information should be referred to governance@waverley.nsw.gov.au