Access Advisory Committee

Call for representatives

Council is inviting applications from community members to be representatives on its Access Advisory Committee.

Are you passionate about making Waverley a place that everyone can easily and safely access? Then we'd like to hear from you!

Applicants must meet at least one of the following selection criteria:

  1. Connection to the Waverley LGA and experience with or interest in disability on a personal or professional level
  2. Experience and knowledge in providing strategic policy advice
  3. Experience in working actively within the community and willingness to actively contribute to the delivery of Council's strategies for social inclusion and access
  4. Demonstrated knowledge and understanding of the barriers to independent and equitable access for people with a disability.

To be considered for committee membership, please complete the membership form. Contact the Committee's Charter for more detail on the roles and responsibilities of being a committee member.

For more information, please contact the Community Development Officer, Inclusion and Access on 9083 8928.

What does this Committee do?

Everyone in Waverley should have equitable access to Council's services, buildings and infrastructure. Sometimes this requires Council to make changes to the physical and social environment. Wholistic planning that considers the needs of people with a disability results in good access for everyone.

The aim of the access committee is to facilitate an informed, pro-active, coordinated approach to the development of strategies that make Waverley a safer, more accessible and inclusive place for everyone, with specific reference to the needs of people with disability, people with reduced mobility and older people; and to promote co-operation between Council, the community, government and non-government agencies in relation to access issues.

How often does the Committee meet?

Waverley Council's Access committee meets bimonthly from February through November and is chaired by:

Councilor Elaine Keenan
Telephone: 0468 498 085

Who attends the meetings?

Membership includes organisations, community and individual resident representatives, who may be people with a disability, carers or service providers. Membership is by application.

How does the Committee operate?

The Access Advisory Committee’s role is to:

  • Assist Council in the identification of barriers to people's participation in community life and respond to matters referred to the Committee
  • Share information and keep members up to date with policy and good practice for a safer, more accessible and inclusive area
  • Provide input and strategic advice in the development, implementation and review of Council’s strategies, policies and practices as outlined in Council's Access and Mobility Action Plan
  • Provide input to improve equitable and independent access to Council infrastructure, facilities, services and events
  • Provide input into helping Council to keep the broader community informed and engaged regarding the needs of people of all abilities

The Access Advisory Committee does not undertake or provide detailed technical or operational advice. In these instances, Council will seek advice from relevant staff and when necessary from independent, specialist consultants.

For more information visit the Committee Charter.

Minutes and Agendas

Contact the Committee

Community Development Officer - Inclusion and Access
Telephone: 9083 8919

Need more information?

Community Development Officer, Inclusion and Access
Telephone: 9083 8928