Promotions & sampling

Bondi Park

The purpose of promotions and product sampling is to establish a commercial market for goods and services and permits are offered for activities such as onsite activations, new product launches and product sampling and giveaways.

As promotion and sampling is classified as a commercial activity it is permitted in specified locations at Bondi Beach and Bondi Junction. Please see below.

Site Maps and Resources

Bondi Beach

  Campbell Parade Opposite Hall Street
This iconic site captures pedestrian traffic and vehicle traffic on Campbell Parade with the backdrop of famous Bondi Beach.
  Campbell Parade Opposite Roscoe Street Mall (next to car park)
This iconic site captures pedestrian traffic and vehicle traffic on Campbell Parade with the backdrop of famous Bondi Beach.
  Dolphin Lawn (south of Bondi Pavilion)
This iconic site captures pedestrian traffic along the beach front.

Bondi Junction

  Oxford Street Mall
  Waverley Street Mall

Please be advised that unless a confirmation email has been received or a permit issued the activity has not been approved and cannot proceed.

How to apply for a permit

  • Complete the online application form
  • If you would like to check the date/s is available before submitting your application, please call Tracey Jurcevic on 9083 8413 or 0435 552 982.

  • Provide your current Australian public liability insurance certificate for $10 million noting Waverley Council as an interested party.
  • Please attach your COVID Safety Plan

In line with COVID-19 public health requirements, please include a COVID-Safe Plan with all permit applications. Your COVID-Safe Plan will be reviewed prior to the issuing of the relevant permit.

Fees and charges

Council's fees are set out in the Pricing Policy and Statement of fees and charges.

Things to know before applying

  • Council has specific sites available for promotion and sampling and request promotions remain within the promotion site, roaming is not permitted.
  • Bronte and Tamarama beaches and parks are not available for promotions however they are available for private hire only.
  • Bondi Beach is not available for promotions.
  • Under the Local Government Act we are not able to permit exchange of cash in a public space therefore the selling of any products is prohibited.
  • Waverley Council has a strong commitment to protecting the local environment and improving it for generations to come. Please read our Event Waste Management Guidelines & Requirements; and Waste Management Conditions for options to help keep our environment beautiful.  Here you will find a list of products prohibited for activation use.
  • Sampling is permitted up to 60ml or 100g sample size consumable product giveaways in environmentally friendly packaging. If permission is granted for a giveaway then you will need to remove it from any packaging before bringing it to the venue
  • When sampling food or drink, a Notification to Operate a Temporary Food Premises will also need to be supplied to Health Services.
  • Products in glass are not permitted.
  • Flyer distribution is only permitted at Bondi Junction.
  • The plans required are typically: waste/cleaning, traffic or pedestrian management, security and crowd management and sound management. See Council’s Event Waste Management Guidelines & Requirements and Waste Management Check List for more details on the information typically requested.
  • A minimum of 4 weeks’ notice is required for cancellations. A refund will be given less administration fee and 25% of venue hire fee

Council contact

For more information contact Tracey Jurcevic
Phone: 9083 8413
Mob: 0435 552 982

Need more information? Contact:

Tracey Jurcevic
Phone: 9083 8413/ 0435 552 982

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