Beach volleyball

Beach volleyball including foot volley can be played at Tamarama and Bondi Beach. The images below shows the volleyball areas (only the area on the beach that nets can be set up). We ask users to be mindful of other groups and note the appropriate rules of play:

  • No commercial activity/provider
  • No organised competition
  • No bookings taken
  • No vehicles may enter the park to unload or load equipment
  • Temporary nets only i.e. no permanent fixtures
  • Must not conflict with other beach users
  • Volleyball courts must be set up at the back of the beach as shown in the diagram
  • No more than four nets set up
  • Volleyball courts must not block any access points to the beach

When there is potential for conflict with other beach users, the number of volleyball courts will be limited at the discretion of Council staff. You can contact Council Rangers on 9083 8000.

Tamarama Beach - No more than four courts as follows.

Bondi Beach - no more than four courts as follows.

Beach Wheelchairs booking

Phone: 9083 8400