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Waverley has some of the world’s most iconic beaches and picturesque coastal reserves and parks ideal for filming and photography. From rugged coastlines to world famous beaches, coastal reserves, Sydney harbour views, Waverley has something for everyone.

Some popular film and photographic locations include our Bronte and Bondi ocean pools, Bondi Beach, Bronte Beach, Marks Park, Ben Buckler Reserve, Dudley Page Reserve and Diamond Bay.

drone view of Ben Buckler ReserveBronte Pool

Council approval is required prior for all filming and commercial still photography in public spaces, on footpaths or roads. No permit is required if activity is on private property, however we recommend you contact us if you feel the filming may impact on the street or neighbours.

News crews do not need approval to film on Council land.
All filming and still photography should be in accordance with the Local Government Filming Protocol 2009.This external link will open in a new window

Please note that unless a confirmation email has been received or a permit issued, the activity has not been approved and cannot proceed.

How to apply for a permit

  • Complete the online Filming Application Form or the Photography Application Form
  • Provide a current Australian Public Liability Insurance Certificate of no less than $10 million noting Waverley Council as an interested party.
  • For all drone filming and photography a Pilot License from CASA must be attached to application along with a map showing take off and landing with a 30m radius.
  • Please read the filming terms and conditions before applying for a permit.

    Processing times for applications:

    Ultra low filming are required 5 working days in advance.
    Low to medium impact filming are required 5-10 working days in advance.
    All photography applications are required 5-10 working  days in advance.

Fees and charges

Filming Fees (as per Local Government Filming Protocol 2009)
Ultra Low Film (under 10 cast and crew) No fee
Low Impact Film (11-25 cast/crew, minimal equipment, no vehicles) $150
Medium Impact Film (25- 50 cast/crew, max 10 trucks, equipment, no vehicles) $300
High Impact Film (50+ cast/crew, more than 10 trucks, significant construction, extensive equipment, large unit base) $500
Commercial Photography Fees
Administration fee   $220.50
Bondi, Bronte, Tamarama Beaches and Park   
1-3 people   no fee
Low Impact  (4-10 cast/crew) per hr $259.50
Medium Impact (11-25 cast/crew) per hr $333
High Impact (25+ cast/crew) per hr $473
All other public spaces
1-3 people   no fee
Low Impact  (4-10 cast/crew) per hr $199
Medium Impact (11-25 cast/crew) per hr $259.50
High Impact (25+ cast/crew) per hr $333

Council's fees are set out in the Pricing Policy and Statement of fees and chargesThis external link will open in a new window

Things to consider before applying

Use of Drones, UAV, RPA (remotely piloted aircraft)

  • Council’s requirements are determined by the Civil Aviation Safety Authority (CASA), and you will need to contact the council officer  to discuss an appropriate landing and take-off area (30m radius). Council’s approval for a drone operator to take up 30m radius is only given in off peak time and in locations that are predetermined by usage of the area.
  • Commercial operators flying very small (< 2 kg) drone do not require an RPA operator’s certificate (ReOC) or a remote pilot licence (RePL).  If you are flying a drone over 2kg you will be required to attach your licence.
  • Drone operators are required to notify CASA at least five days before the first commercial flight and operate by the standard operation conditions (SOCs). This means obtaining an aviation reference number (ARN) from CASA and providing it to Waverley Council.
  • *NEW RULE- If you fly a drone, or remotely piloted aircraft (RPA), for business or use one as part of your job, you must register here. []
  • Standard operation conditions for flying a drone can be found at

    For more details on the changes and general information on drone operations in Australia visit

Skate Park

Bondi skate park can only be utilised for film and photography during school hours: 9.30am–2.30pm and out of school holidays.

Ocean Pools

Low impact film and photography can take place at the ocean pools. Please check pool cleaning schedules for photo and filming shoots.  The pools are public space and must be accessible to the public.


Council does not authorise the use of land, rock or cliff edge beyond public reserve fence lines. Subsidence and slippages do occur along the coastline and it is considered highly dangerous and potentially fatal to go beyond the fence line.

Waverley Cemeteries

You will need to contact Waverley Cemetery directly with your application.
Phone: 9083 8899


No application to Council for parking is required for vehicles less than 6m in length and if it is parked legally within any timed restrictions.

If the production vehicle/s involved are longer then 6m and need to take up more than one car space or you need to stay longer then a restricted timed parking area then please email with your request.

Please note that you are required to give at least five business days' notice when applying for parking permits.

Traffic & pedestrian management plans

If your filming or photography activity affects any road or pedestrian access area, you will be required to develop and submit traffic and pedestrian management plans.

Any requests to close roads or car parks or effect traffic must be accompanied by a Traffic Control Plan. This plan must be prepared by a Roads and Maritime Services authorised person. Filming on state or regional roads must be approved by the Transport Management Centre before you seek Council approval.

Notification of Authorities

Film makers and photographers should notify relevant authorities, such as the RMS and NSW Police about large-scale, potentially hazardous or any other activities they may need to be aware of. Other authorities to consider are APRA Music License, NSW Food Handling, Firearm and CASA.

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