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Gertrude - Veggie-Smuggl’r Extraordinaire! (Marie Widolf)

15 October - 18 November 2021

The 34 artworks explored Gertrude’s unconventional relationship with her kitchen: her character was prone to daydreaming,  and her cooking-ingredients escaped from her mixing-bowl!

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Our World As We See It- Joie De Vivre Painters

20 November - 12 December 2021

Joie de Vivre Painters are a group of painters who have in common a delight of being immersed in, and responsive to, the world around us. The group are inspired by daily walks, their encounters with nature, be that flora or fauna, the curve of the beach on the horizon or just the many shapes of our urban surroundings.

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Wombalicorns and the Re-imagening of Australian Children's Literature by RAB - Rachel Anne Buch

Date TBC

This interactive exhibition works to recreate the themes and imagery of old children’s books into a new, modern and inclusive series of artworks. It looks at generating new ideas of what a magical Australiana looks like by combining elements of what is Australian, fantastical and ordinary together to create a series of characters, settings and objects that are relevant to what a modern fairytale in Australia would look like.

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Synth Social - Inala - Miroma Vaucluse - Currently closed

Dates TBC

Synth Social brings together works from our artists with disabilities made before and during the COVID-19 pandemic. Throughout this period our artists persevered in small creative bubbles, using colour and energetic forms to bring light in dark times. Synth Social is a culmination of bright poppy retro colours that demonstrate the steadfast positivity and the new found collaborative nature adopted by our artists that will be carried with us long after things return to a sense of normality.

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