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Wombalicorns and the Re-imagening of Australian Children's Literature by RAB - Rachel Anne Buch

29 July - 24 August 2022

This interactive exhibition works to recreate the themes and imagery of old children’s books into a new, modern and inclusive series of artworks. It looks at generating new ideas of what a magical Australiana looks like by combining elements of what is Australian, fantastical and ordinary together to create a series of characters, settings and objects that are relevant to what a modern fairytale in Australia would look like.

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Gertrude Veggie-Smuggl’r Extraordinaire! Marie Widolf

29 July - 24 August 2022 

In 2018, Marie Widolf  opened her first solo exhibition at Waverley Library Galleries,  and introduced us to the whimsical world of her cartoon-character Gertrude – The Gal That Couldn’t Cook. The 34 artworks explored Gertrude’s unconventional relationship with her kitchen: her character was prone to daydreaming,  and her cooking-ingredients escaped from her mixing-bowl!

Upcoming Gallery Exhibitions

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Before Now- Today in rear view, Janine Hall

26th Aug 2022 - 21st Sep 2022

Today has evolved from every day before it, and by looking in the rearview mirror, we can catch a fleeting glimpse of just a few of those days.


inala - Miroma Vaucluse Synth Social

23 September - 19 October 2022

Synth social brings together works from our artists with disabilities made before and during the pandemic. Throughout this period our artists persevered in small creative bubbles, using colour and energetic forms to bring light in dark times.

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Bronte a changing community

26 August - 21 September, 2022

This exhibition shows Brontes many transformations from the past to recent histories. Willim Mortimer Lewis, the Colonial Architect in New South Wales, was the first purchaser of land in Nelson Bay, now Bronte. The land included the whole frontage of Bronte Beach  to Gardyne Street, Murray Street and Hewlett Street.

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And he taught the canaries to sing

21 Oct - 16 Nov, 2022

..and he taught the canaries to sing is a project of animated vignettes celebrating Jewish life in Poland before 1939. Curator and artist Estelle Rozinski whose ancestry is Polish Jewish, has curated a series of engaging animations to portray the diversity of Jewish life before the Holocaust.


Luminous Horizons- Andrew Turier

21 October–16 November, 2022

Andrew Turier’s newest body of work Luminous Horizons, is a delicate balance between painting, poetry and philosophy. He draws inspiration from word games, road signs, everyday life, banners and advertisements in a lifelong obsession with text.

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Painting where we live - Plein Air Painters of Waverley

19 November 2022–18 January 2023

We are a group of amateur artists who meet to paint and explore Sydney’s Eastern Suburbs each Tuesday afternoon.  This exhibition was painted on site and records historical structures as well as natural features of our coastline, parks and gardens.

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