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Focus on Women - Mel Hayton

26 September - 28 October

Monday - Friday 9.30am - 9pm
Saturday - 9.30am - 3pm
Sunday - 1 - 5pm

Join local artist Mel Hayton for an exhibition of recent works celebrating women through oil paintings.

In the words of Hayton “Female elements surround me and are primary in my paintings. I have a passion for the female form, female artists, authors, for women in history whom I admire and for male artists whose works have a female perspective.”

Using her Paddington Terrace as the backdrop for these works, Hayton references the many amazing women who have advanced the cause for women’s equality.

Coming Soon

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31st Oct 2019

Waverley Library launched its collage making art classes in 2018 as a fun, creative, sustainable program run fortnightly by library staff. Using discarded magazines and books, participants developed skills to create modern collage designs while engaging with fellow community members in a warm and friendly atmosphere.

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Look Around You – PAPOW (Plein Air Painters of Waverley)

28th Nov 2019

Look Around You. Do you recognize your neighbourhood, your local streets, and the natural spaces of your locality? We are here to reveal them to you with fresh eyes, artist’s eyes, and reinforce to all the pleasure of living or visiting such a beautiful area! Look around you and enjoy!

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From the heart to the coast - Heidi Hereth

1st Feb 2020

From the Heart to the Coast describes the distinctly Australian natural landscapes of the Red Centre, contrasting with the Eastern Sydney coastline and its white sandstone cliffs and blue seas. Both environments feature rocky landscapes, water and the true blue Australian sky, but they are very different.

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Love the Coast – Photo competition

1st Feb 2020

An exhibition showcasing the works of local amateur photographers who are inspired by our local coastlines. Collected through Waverley Council’s Love the Coast photography competition, these works capture the diversity, the drama and the day-to-day life of our beautiful coast. Vote for your favourite picture and be sure to visit this amazing survey of our local shores.

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Melody the Mermaid - Valerie Taylor

26th Mar 2020

Valerie Taylor is recognised around the world as a pioneering ocean explorer, marine conservationist, cinematographer, photographer and author. Less well-known is her first career as an illustrator and cartoonist. As apart of Waverley Councils Mermaid Festival, the words and paintings of her children’s book Melody the Mermaid: Adventures in the Kingdoms of the Sea will be presented throughout the Waverley Library Atrium taking you on a literary and visual journey through the story.

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Gertrude – Veggie Smuggl’r Extraordiare - Marie Widolf

27th Nov 2019

In 2018, Marie Wolof opened her first solo exhibition at Waverley Library Galleries and introduced us to the whimsical world of her cartoon-character Gertrude – The Gal That Couldn’t Cook. The 34 artworks explored Gertrude’s unconventional relationship with her kitchen: her character was prone to daydreaming, and her cooking-ingredients escaped from her mixing-bowl!
It is now 2020, and Gertrude STILL cannot cook, but she returns to Waverley Libraries with an important message: EAT MORE VEGETABLES!

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