Bondi Pavilion Housewarming Program

This new Artist Residency Program welcomes artists into the renovated Bondi Pavilion in August, ahead of the official launch of the building.

The Housewarming Program supports and celebrates the Pavilion’s ‘artist first’ ethos, filling the sparkling new spaces with powerful, engaging art and ideas.

Seven artists/groups, selected from a range of disciplines and levels of experience, will participate in one to two week residencies in the Bondi Pavilion Theatre; Art Gallery, the Seagull,  High Tide and Yalagang Rooms and the Music, Art and Pottery Studios. The artists will receive a stipend to assist their research and development of work across visual arts, music, writing, dance, theatre, performance, audio visual and digital media.

We’re very excited to welcome the Housewarming Artists to the new Bondi Pavilion!

Meet the artists