North Bondi Pool Cleaning Schedule

January - June 2023

Please note that if weather and sea are favorable for cleaning:

  • Morning Cleans – the pool will be closed between 6am – 2pm
  • Afternoon Cleans – the pool will be closed between 11am – 6pm

Times state Low Tide on that day of clean. Pool cleaned at low tide.

 DayDateTimeLow Tide
Jan Wednesday 4th 14.15pm 0.5
  Friday13th6.50am 0.7
  Wednesday 18th 12.30pm 0.5
  Friday 27th 7.25qm 0.5
February Thursday 2nd 14.00pm 0.5
  Monday6th 16.15pm 0.4
  Thursday 16th 12.15pm 0.5
 Monday 20th 15.50pm 0.2
March Thursday 2nd 12.45pm 0.6
 Wednesday8th 16.10pm 0.4
  Thursday 16th 10.50am 0.5
 Wednesday22nd16.00pm 0.2
 Wednesday 29th 9:50am 0.7
April Wednesday 5th14.00pm 0.4
  Monday17th 12:20pm 0.3
  Thursday 27th 8.09am 0.7
May Thursday 11th7.00am 0.5
  Thursday 25th6:30am 0.6

If cleaning is not possible on these days, the works may be postponed and a new notice will be displayed on site to show actual cleaning times.