North Bondi Pool Cleaning Schedule

January - June 2024

Because the pool is filled with water directly from the ocean, it needs to be regularly cleaned weekly (tide dependent) and requires closure to reduce the health and safety risks of an empty or half-full pool.
Once the pool is refilled to an adequate level, it is reopened to the public. The cleaning close and open times are estimates only and  may vary due to tides or weather.

Please also check the times posted on the pool gates, or speak to one of our friendly maintenance team.

The pool is closed for cleaning five hours before low tide on the following dates:

 DayDateTimeLow Tide
JanuaryThursday4th8:44 0.8
 Tuesday9th14:09 0.44
FebruaryThursday1st 7:00 0.7

If cleaning is not possible on these days, the works may be postponed and a new notice will be displayed on site to show actual cleaning times.