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Dip, Roll and Turn Pottery Exhibition

Makers Craft + Design: CLAY Exhibition
Wednesday 9 - Sunday 13 October
Bondi Pavilion Gallery

Exhibition opening: Wednesday 9 October, 6 - 8pm, Bondi Pavilion Gallery.

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Balancing their growing know-how with exploration students cajole the clay into a variety of forms. Our studio is a haven for locals seeking to develop their ideas, awaken their senses and increase well-being. Come along, meet the makers and share in this warm community gathering.

This exhibition is part of Sydney Craft Week 2019.

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    Digital waves, desire and realities - Patricia Haueiss

    15th Oct 2019

    Patricia Haueiss’ tape art opens a window into the fusion of reality and our digital future. Geometric shapes filled with energy and passion invite spectators to take a short break to explore multi-coloured utopian worlds.

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    Changing Horizons – Tricia Trinder

    5th Nov 2019

    Tricia Trinder is an encaustic artist creating horizon and porthole series expressing visually a feeling of calmness and release afforded to us by the ocean horizon. She is intrigued by how the colours and texture of the ocean are influenced by the colours and light in the sky. Her Horizons encourages the viewer to contemplate what is beyond.

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    I am someone – Gary Sheppard

    19th Nov 2019

    In this exhibition Gary Sheppard gives a face to animals of the farm. Sheppard is a photographer with over 30 years photographic experience. He has won awards at Cannes, One Show, D&AD, Communication Arts, London International, Folio and AWARD shows and is an AIPP Master of Photography. I am Someone challenges and reconstructs society’s perception of farmed animals generating greater respect and compassion towards them. The featured animals of this exhibition reside at Where Pigs Fly Farm Sanctuary – many rescued were severe abuse and neglect cases.

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    Harbour, Coast, Still-life - Friday Painters

    3rd Dec 2019

    Friday Painters includes four artists from the Eastern Suburbs. Their newest exhibition explores themes inspired by the natural environment, from coastal areas to surrounding parklands and local flora.

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    Two Sicilies - Maz Dixon

    21st Jan 2020

    Two Sicilies explores the experience of early tourism in Anglo cultures. A line can be drawn from the original Grand Tourists in Italy experiencing the thrill of the (repeated) discovery and excavation of a single temple in Pompeii, to the burial of Australian landscapes and cultures under European names and kitsch facsimiles of other cultures.

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