Bondi Pavilion Gallery

Current Exhibition

Harbour, Coast, Flora - Friday Painters

3–15 December 2019
10am–5pm daily
Bondi Pavilion Gallery
Free admission

Exhibition Launch
Wednesday 4 December, 6–8pm

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Artists: Alex Snellgrove, Caroline Quaine, Lynden Esdaile and Carrie Furneaux

Friday Painters includes four artists from the Eastern Suburbs. Their newest exhibition explores themes inspired by the natural environment, from coastal areas to surrounding parklands and local flora. The collectives paintings capture the dynamic environment of coastal locations transformed by changing seasons and climate. Local landscapes are a defining element of their work evoking a familiar connection for some and lasting memories of place.

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    Sea Gods - Ash Jones Evans

    7th Jan 2020

    Local award-winning artist Ashley Jones-Evans presents the first exhibition from his iconic series and Independent publication Sea Gods. Through more than 40 portraits of Australian Surfing identifies, he creates a pantheon of gods; a photographic collection of heroes and trailblazers who made Australian surfing history.

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    Two Sicilies - Maz Dixon

    21st Jan 2020

    Two Sicilies explores the experience of early tourism in Anglo cultures. A line can be drawn from the original Grand Tourists in Italy experiencing the thrill of the (repeated) discovery and excavation of a single temple in Pompeii, to the burial of Australian landscapes and cultures under European names and kitsch facsimiles of other cultures.

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    Male Man - Alun Rhys Jones

    25th Feb 2020

    Alun Rhys Jones’ newest exhibition Male Man investigates and deconstructs the traditional tropes of masculinity today with a series of works which analyse, question and subvert both masculinity itself and its portrayal in mainstream media. Explored through hyperreal drawings, photography and installation, the artist captures a flawed push for perfection at a time in which it appears to be crumbling.

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    Out of Sight, Out of Mind - Ocean Lovers Festival

    17th Mar 2020

    Ever wondered what it is like to sneak a peek below the waves of Bondi, the Great Barrier Reef or to adventure farther afield underwater? Imagine coming face to face with a Humpback Whale or exploring amongst Sydney’s seaweed beds as if you were a fish.
    Come experience Out of Sight Out Of Mind, the interactive gallery event that will show you why there’s so much to admire, love and protect in the ocean.

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    Bondi Dreams - Martin Smith

    24th Mar 2020

    A photographers vision of the iconic Bondi Beach in all its moods. Martin Smith has spent his retirement years visiting the beach at all times of the day and night at all seasons of the year. He first glimpsed the beach some 53 years ago and it was love at first sight.

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