Youth Art Prize

With every wave, the ocean whispers secrets of forgotten tales, can you unravel the Mysteries of the Deep?

The Waverley Youth Art Prize returns for 2024. The Prize is open to everyone aged between 9-18 living, studying and playing in Sydney’s East. This year, we ask aspiring artists to respond to the theme Mysteries of the Deep. Mysteries of the Deep is a theme which asks young artists of Sydney’s Eastern Beaches to create an artwork exploring the possibilities of underwater worlds. Undersea cities of the past or future, strange creatures or something else entirely, we want you to make us see the possibilities of water, in a new way. Broad artistic interpretation of this theme is encouraged. Entrants may utilise ideas relating to popular culture, science fiction, sustainability, or something else. All mediums and interpretations are welcome.

Our 2024 Winners

MAYORS PRIZE Tilly Naar Dolphin Reef
MAYORS PRIZE Lynn Li Anglerfish
SENIOR 1 (aged 16-18 years) Misha HeazlewoodPolluted Prawn Cocktail
SENIOR 2 (aged 16-18 years) Rose LespetsStrange Encounter
SENIOR 3 (aged 16-18 years) Coco Batu-SampsonAMPHITRITE Goddess of the Sea
SENIOR HC (aged 16-18 years) Claudia SidotiTea Time
INTERMEDIATE 1 (aged 13-15 years) Jet Batu-SampsonOcean Plate
INTERMEDIATE 2 (aged 13-15 years) Zaneta DanusasThe Legend of The Mer-Cow
INTERMEDIATE 3 (aged 13-15 years) SuvdaaBeneath the tides
INTERMEDIAT HC (aged 13-15 years) Annabel MillsChanging Waters
JUNIOR 1 (aged 9-12 years) Esra Vasfi"The world we carry"
JUNIOR 2 (aged 9-12 years) Luke WuAxolotl
JUNIOR 3 (aged 9-12 years) Alexander Banhidi & August BerglandColour Is Everything
JUNIOR HC (aged 9-12 years) Oliver StarkenburgThe sunken spaceship
BEST INTERPRETATION OF THE THEME Oscar PetersenIA (Intelligence Artificial)
BEST SCULPTURE Lexi SmithA Diver's Tango with Mr. Squid

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