Health & Fitness Training (Commercial)

Any health & fitness activities that are organised or for commercial gain are governed by Council’s Commercial Fitness Policy which covers all open space areas in Waverley’s Local Government area.

Having the commercial fitness trainers’ application and permit system in place helps Council to manage the following things:

  1. Equity of use – such as potential conflict with displaced users, management of demand, domination and monopolisation of areas and perception of exploitation of public land by commercial operators
  2. Impact on the asset – Fitness training in groups causing wear-and-tear to open spaces
  3. Public liability concerns – such as trainers with insufficient insurance.

What type of permit do I apply for?

Depending on the number of people you intend to train at any one time, you will need to decide what category of permit to apply for:

Category 1- 1 to 2 participants, no fixed location, no equipment

Category 2- 1 to 6 participants, fixed location, with equipment

Category 3- 7 to 12 participants, fixed location, with equipment

Category 4- 13 to 20 participants, fixed location, with equipment

The table below sets out the maximum group size permitted in each location.

Location (Conditions apply)Maximum group size
Bondi Beach (sand) (area 15)20
Bondi Park (areas 1,2,3,4 & 7)12
Bondi Park (areas 5 & 6)20
Marks Park (area 8)20
Tamarama Park (area 9)6
Bronte Park (area 10 & 11)12
Bronte Park (area 12)20
Waverley Park (areas 13 & 14)12
Hugh Bamford Reserve (area 16)20
Varna Park (area 17)20
Diamond Bay (area 18)20
Rodney Reserve (area 21) 20
Dudley Page Reserve (area 19)20
Baracluff Park (area 20)  20

How to apply for a permit:

  1. Read the Commercial Fitness Groups and Personal Trainers Policy
  2. Complete an online application form
    Attach copies of the essential documents below:
  1. Current Senior First Aid Certificate
  2. Your Public Liability Insurance cover for Fitness Activities minimum $20 million, indemnifying Waverley Council.
  3. Certificate of Training Qualifications
  4. A proposed roster of your classes
  5. A list of qualified trainers/support person that may use your permit in your absence
  6. A head shot photo for your ID card.

Permit Fees

Fees for a permit can be found at Fees and Charges for Commercial Fitness Permits


For enquiries please contact Hayden Vandermeer at:
Email: Phone: 9083 8300

*"Commercial gain" means compensation in money, services, or other consideration as part of a scheme or effort to generate income or financial advantage of any kind.

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