Bondi Beach Sea Wall

Bondi Beach Sea Wall permits are accepted year round.

The Bondi Beach Sea Wall has been in operation since the late1970s and has featured a mix of street and contemporary art with strong social and political messages throughout the decades. Over the years, the Bondi Beach Sea Wall has hosted the work of some of the best know street artists across the globe. Featured art works have ranged from collages, stencils, pop art, textworks, love notes and memorial portraits.

There are two murals that have been endorsed by Waverley Council for long-term preservation; “The Girl with a Frangipani in Her Hair” (dedicated to local girl, Chloe Byron, who lost her life in the 2002 Bali bombing) and the Anzac commemorative mural.

Waverley Council is also offering artists the opportunity to apply for painting the protective concrete blocks lining Campbell Parade and across South Bondi Park overlooking Bondi Beach. Artists may apply for up to ten blocks to create a body of work or a series of works.

To support the diverse and dynamic character of Bondi, the artworks on the Bondi Beach Sea Wall are constantly changing. Each panel on the Sea Wall is allocated for a six month time period.

The Bondi Beach Sea Wall is open to artists of all calibres. Artists seeking permission to paint a mural must submit an application online.

Applications are open year round and assessment panels are convened to review applications every six months for painting permits

For further information, please contact Waverley Council’s Visual Arts Team at or by phone on 02 9083 8746.