Street Performance

Waverley has 10 specific Street Performance Zones in Bondi Junction, Bondi Beach and Bondi Rd dedicated to the art of street performance.

Performance is only permitted at the specific locations identified in the Performance Zone Maps linked in the right-hand side column. Council can authorise up to a maximum of 30 concurrent licences and each licence is valid for one year from the date of issue.

Street performers are required to submit an online Street Performance Licence Application to be assessed by Council officers. Successful applicants can pick up their licence at either the Customer Service Centre in Bondi Junction or the Welcome Centre in Bondi Pavilion (with the appropriate ID document nominated in the application). Performances in the specific Performance Zones in the Local Government Area of Waverley can occur from 9am to 9pm only.

Online application

Submission requirements

Document type 
Proof of public liability insurance for $20 million Tick
Proof of parental consent for applicants under the age of 16 years Tick
Specification of any proposed amplification equipment is provided in the application Tick
Specification of proof of ID documentation is provided in the application Tick

A government issued proof of identity document that includes a profile image (current driver's licence, Proof of Age card, birth certificate or current passport) must be presented to the customer service officer when picking up your licence. Your application details (name, address, etc.) must match that of your proof of identity document.

Performance zone maps

Terms and conditions

  1. A Street Performance Licence is granted for a 12-month period, or any lesser period as determined by the licence approval process. 30 licences are available each year.
  2. Applications are accepted online only via the Waverley Council website .
  3. Licences are non-transferable or refundable and apply only to the nominated holder.
  4. Performers must display their licence in a prominent, highly visible position in the performance site always during their act. Licences must be produced on request by Council Rangers.
  5. Performers are only permitted to perform within Waverley Council designated Street Performance Zones identified in the Street Performance Policy and Guidelines Street Performance Zone Maps (section 6).
  6. Performers may perform for a maximum period of 2 hours concurrently per zone. Performers must leave the zone for at least an hour before a second performance.
  7. Performers may use small battery powered amplification only. Specification of any proposed amplification is to be provided in the application.
  8. Performers under the age of 16 require adult supervision whilst busking and the application for a licence needs to be signed by a parent or guardian
  9. Performers must keep the site they use clean while they are working. For street performance that includes pavement art, drawings must be removable by water and not leave a residue.
  10. A performer who is supported by an assistance animal (as defined by section 5 of the Companion Animals Act 1998) may deliver a performance whilst accompanied by that assistance animal. The assistance animal must not form part of the performance.
  11. Performers must comply immediately with any lawful direction given by the Police or Council Rangers.
  12. Performers must not unreasonably interfere with pedestrian flow or public amenities, or cause obstruction to vehicles, or encouraging audience formation in a manner as to cause such interference
  13. Performers may not operate closer than 5 metres from the door of premises open for business or perform within 5 metres of any street intersection or pedestrian crossing.
  14. Licence holders must not obstruct a footpath, carriageway, entrance or exit of a building, footpath seating areas or other public or private thoroughfare.
  15. The space occupied by the performer and all equipment should not exceed 2m².
  16. Performers may not perform before 9am or after 9pm.
  17. Performers may receive funds voluntarily from the audience but may not actively solicit funds.
  18. Performers may not affix any material or mark/draw on any public property.
  19. Performers may not perform within 10 metres of bank ATMs.
  20. Performers may not offer goods and services for sale, display, demonstrate or advertise goods for sale or associate themselves with such advertising, except for their own original work.
  21. The use of fire, knives, swords, chainsaws, or any other dangerous instrument is prohibited.
  22. Performers may not deliberately upset any member of the public or business operator by their behaviour.
  23. Performers must not consume alcohol or perform under the influence of alcohol or illegal drugs.
  24. Performers may not use street furniture or the like as part of their performance.
  25. The Waverley Street Mall performance zone is for acoustic performances only. No amplification is allowed.
  26. Any breach of these conditions will result in the busking permit being revoked. Council may revoke a permit at any time.
  27. Waverley Council officers at certain times may temporarily deactivate Street Performance Zones. Reasons for this deactivation may include during building/street works or specific events.

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