Surfers code

The beach is for everyone. If your learning how to surf, or are new to the area - follow these tips for staying safe in the surf:

Respect everyone

Respect everyone in the surf. This includes, swimmers, paddle boarders, body boarders and others surfers. Be mindful of those around you.

Don't surf between the flags

Surf away from the red and yellow flag areas. These areas are for swimmers.

Don't drop in

The surfer on the inside, closest to the breaking part of the wave has right of way.

Paddle wide

When paddling out, stay wide - away from others catching waves.

Communicate with those around you

Tell other surfers and swimmers near you which way you're going on a wave.

Hold onto your board

Don't let go of your board if possible, it's a danger to others.

Surf within your ability

Know your limits and stick to them. No big waves until you're ready.

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