General hire conditions for outdoor venues

You may need a permit in order to use a park or reserve in Waverley Council.
If granted, permits set conditions including some of the following, or others as deemed necessary by Council. Breaking any condition invalidates the permit.

  • A fee according with Council's Pricing Policy must be paid before the date of the event. Please note: administration and short notice fees are non-refundable in the event of cancellation.
  • In the case of film or photography, and wherever otherwise required by Council, a Certificate of Currency must be provided proving possession of Public Liability Insurance indemnifying Waverley Council and its interests for $10 million during the period in question.
  • The applicant must thoroughly verify immediately before the commencement of activities that the area in question is safe for the proposed use.
  • The permit and receipt are to be presented upon request on site at the time of use.
  • The permit applies to use of the reserve generally and gives no exclusive rights to use of any particular area.
  • All Council signs and all directions from Council or Police officers or other authorities must be obeyed.
  • It is the applicant's responsibility to identify and obtain any permits required by authorities other than Council.
  • Activities may not commence before 7am.
  • Every care must be taken not to damage Council property.
  • Permit holders must reimburse Council within 10 working days for costs incurred by their activities, including damage repair, use of extra time, etc.
  • Vehicles must be kept legally within car parks or roadways and may not be placed on promenades, paths, beaches or reserves at any time.
  • Normal vehicular and pedestrian access must not be impeded at any time.
  • Any cabling must be covered or strung so as to facilitate safe and normal traffic.
  • Use of any machinery, amplification or lighting must be controlled so as not to constitute a nuisance for others.
  • Sale, use or free distribution of alcohol is not permitted.
  • No barbecue or other cooking equipment is permitted.
  • The area is to be left clean and tidy at the end of activities.
  • The cooperation of Waverley Council must be acknowledged in film or photography credits.

NB - Where the hirer appoints a representative to run an activity on their behalf, the hirer holder named in the agreement is responsible for ensuring that their appointed representative is aware of and adheres to all conditions during the agreed period of hire.
If challenged during your booking, call Council’s Rangers on 0414 884 393 and show them your Permit.

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