Professional Lifeguard recruitment

Waverley Council is a local government in Sydney, on the eastern seaboard of Australia. As a coastal area, Waverley Council embraces three ocean beaches, Bondi, Tamarama and Bronte. Each year these beaches look after the recreational needs of approximately 60,000 local residents and millions of Australian and international visitors.

As surf beaches, Bondi, Tamarama and Bronte provide a number of unique and varying challenges. Bondi Beach is approximately one kilometre in length and it accommodates up to 50,000 beachgoers on a busy summer’s day. This beach was the location for the beach volleyball competition during the Sydney 2000 Olympic Games. It also the finishing point for the world renowned, annual City-to-Surf footrace. The surf is enjoyed by swimmers, bodysurfers and boardriders of all ages. The promenade and the beachfront are used by walkers, joggers and people out to enjoy our wonderful summer and winter sunshine.

Tamarama and Bronte beaches are smaller by comparison to Bondi however they hold attractions of their own with their magnificent sandstone cliff faces and their adjoining parks and gullies. These two beaches contain a number of reefs and rock platforms that harbour protected marine plant and animal inhabitants. Again these beaches are enjoyed by a diverse range of recreation seekers.

All three beaches are linked by a coastal walk that provides a stunning view as it winds it’s way along the coastline.

Sydney air temperatures during summer reach highs in the mid-30 degrees Celsius and the water temperatures normally average 22 degrees at the season’s peak in February.

Waverley Council provides a professional lifeguard service to ensure the water safety of the vast number of visitors to these three beaches.

The 30 or more lifeguards are employed as permanent, seasonal or casual employees. These professionals are required to prevent rescues and to respond to lifesaving emergencies as required. Surveillance plays a major part in preventative actions being taken.

Additionally and no less important are the functions of administering first aid, providing public information, advising the public of any local ordinance issues and generally managing any activities on the beaches.

Applicants should have experience in surf lifesaving or professional lifeguarding on open ocean surf beaches in a wide range of conditions. Applicants should also have:

  1. A current NSW Class 1A Driver's Licence
  2. A Workcover accredited Senior First Aid Certificate
  3. A VETAB accredited Advanced Resuscitation Certificate
  4. A NSW P.W.C. (Personal Water Craft) Waterways Licence

It should be noted that the essential accreditations are those that are recognised in NSW, Australia. Information about acquiring these licenses is available by emailing to Alternatively telephone Australia (02) 8362 3407.

Applicants must also have a high level of physical fitness and will be required to undergo a physical test comprising an 800m pool swim to be completed under 13 minutes; a 300m – 500m ocean surf swim, followed by a 300m – 500m ocean surf rescue board paddle, followed by a 300m – 400m beach run, followed by a 300m – 500m ocean surf swim, 300m – 500m ocean surf rescue board paddle, and concluding with a 300m – 400m beach run and simulated board and tube rescues, all within a specified time period (distance subject to conditions).

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