Weddings & private ceremonies

Waverley has some beautiful locations for a wedding ceremony. We are happy to assist you in finding a suitable location for your special day.

All weddings are required to complete an online application form to assist us in managing the outdoor space.

If you are planning to have equipment (such as chairs, PA, wedding arch) and / or 100+ people attend, a fee will apply.

If you are not bringing in any equipment and the invited guests do not exceed 100 people there is no fee however you are still required to complete an application form for a permit. Your booking does not grant exclusive use of the Park but we will endeavour to not take any other group bookings for the same time.

You are free to use our parks, reserves or beaches for a ceremony ensuring that your group participants/activity will comply with the open space usage conditions below:

  • Will not use any glass, confetti, rice.
  • That the group attending do not damage Council property including vegetation/new planting
  • That the area is left clean and tidy
  • All paths are kept clear for pedestrians to freely walk by i.e no path or access to a public decking is blocked off or obstructed
  • No vehicle access
  • NB. If you see anything untoward please report to the Council rangers on 0414 884 393

Under no circumstances do we authorise the use of land, rock or cliff edge beyond public reserve fence lines. Subsidence and slippages do occur along the coastline and it is considered highly dangerous and potentially fatal to go beyond the fence line.


Dudley Page Reserve
Iconic Site - available for Wedding Ceremony and  Reception. Flat grass field with excellent Harbour views. More information

Ray O’Keefe Reserve
Iconic Site - available for Wedding Ceremony only. Grassed area with dramatic views of the Ocean and Bondi Beach. More information

Marks Park
Iconic Site - available for Wedding Ceremony only. Flat grassy area with good views north over Bondi Bay, south towards Coogee and east. More information

Diamond Bay Reserve
Premium Site - available for Wedding Ceremony only. Grassed area and remnant bushland with excellent views over dramatic cliffs. More information

Click for further information on all parks & beaches in Waverley.

* Private ceremonies with equipment and or with 100 + guests please complete the application form under quick links (top right and of page)

Application process

If you are planning a wedding ceremony or reception please complete the online application form. A council officer will reply to your application within five working days.

Council contact

To enquire about hiring an outdoor space for your event please contact
Outdoor Events Team
Phone: 9083 8428 or mobile 0434 855 115

Fees & Charges

Allow five working days for the assessment of this application.

A tax invoice will be produced upon approval of your application to hire the space.

All Council fees are set out in the Pricing Policy, Fees and Charges document.

Need more information? Outdoor & Flagship Events
Phone: 9083 8413

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