Play spaces

Waverley Council is committed to providing fun and exciting play spaces for a range of ages and abilities. Waverley currently has 40 play spaces within the local government area. To locate a play space, click here to see a map.

Planning the Future of Waverley's Play Spaces

Waverley Council has developed a Play Space Strategy to guide our approach to planning, upgrading and maintaining play spaces over the next 15 years. The Play Space Strategy establishes an appropriate vision for the future of play spaces in our LGA and defines the actions needed to meet the needs of the community.

Thanks to everyone who provided their feedback on the Draft Play Space Strategy last year. We reviewed all submissions and amended the final strategy which has been approved by council. Click here to view the Play Space Strategy.

The next play spaces to undergo upgrades are:

Recently completed play space upgrades include

Play spaces currently in design include:

Photo by Slikpics: Bronte Park Play Space 2014

How was the Play Space Strategy developed?

The Play Space Strategy has been written based on feedback from parents, carers, children and young people. Consultation with the community via an online survey in 2013 received 266 responses. This assisted Council to better understand the priorities for our play spaces and make general recommendations for improvement. Results from this survey informed the draft strategy document which went on public exhibition in October 2014.

Results from public exhibition on the draft Play Space Strategy

The feedback indicated general support for the draft strategy. Approximately 10 per cent of respondents complimented the strategy, recent upgrades to play spaces and proposed upgrades to play spaces in Waverley. Strong feedback in favour of play equipment and activities for older children (23 per cent) was evident with 17 per cent of respondents identifying basketball courts and half court basketball courts or spaces for informal ball games of various types. Other submissions requested more cycling and skate boarding for younger and older children. Furthermore support for the inclusion of nature based play, free play, fitness equipment and public art to be included in play spaces. The installation of fences or safe barriers to play spaces was raised by 13 per cent of respondents, as was shade and supporting facilities for carers such as seating. Also mentioned was improving access to, and between our network of play spaces.

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