Philippa Hagon

Philippa Hagon is a Sydney based artist working within the conceptual, spatial and hybrid expanded field of painting and installation practices. Her work spans various platforms and mediums and combines life experience, art history and popular culture references using a diverse range of materials both physical and digital. She holds a MFA [2019] in painting from the National Art School and was the 2020 and 2021 Coal Loader Centre for Sustainability artist in residence.

Hagon’s current practice examines the use of everyday common and reclaimed materials to think beyond their useful/literal function. The reclaimed materials invoke the socio-cultural excesses of late-capitalism. Mass produced materials and forms probe the interconnected, commercialised, over-production and hyper-consumerist 21st century global culture which influences our identity, manipulates desires, fantasies, fears, and feelings shaping our everyday lives. Rearranging, collaging, and juxtaposing the signs of capital act as some sort of anti-alter to them.