Malcolm Whittaker

Malcolm Whittaker is an interdisciplinary artist who works collaboratively with people to open up the shared space of experience, exchange and possibility.

Malcolm has proposed 3 community benefit projects:

1. "Ignoramus Anonymous" will be a support group for everyone. A space to revel in that which we do not know and realise that ignorance is subjective and that not knowing can provide the freedom to produce wonderfully new fruits.


2. "My best friend" will be a performative walk through Waverley parks with dog owners reminiscing on their departed best friends, sharing memories of time spent and their time now apart.

3. "Journey to the Centre of the Earth" will be a live art installation in which the equivalent amount of dirt required to reach the Earth's centre will be dug and Waverley residents taken on this journey

After his residency, Malcolm has received Australia Council funding to perform at the Arnofini in Bristol, UK


Waverley Library

32-48 Denison Street, Bondi Junction

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