Laura Jade

Laura Jade is an Australian illumination artist and interaction designer whose work fuses the multidisciplinary fields of art, biology, illumination design, neuroscience and BCI (brain-computer interface) technology to explore new ways of perceiving and interacting with our inner biological processes.

Laura has a multidisciplinary background, holding a Masters in Illumination Design from the University of Technology Sydney, a degree in Fine Art and further studies in biology, science communication, curation and museum studies.

Laura is also the creative director of Brainlight, an interactive brain installation that lights up with the power of your mind. In 2015 Laura completed her Masters of Design alongside a research art residency at Culture At Work linking the multi-disciplinary fields of art, illumination design, neuroscience and brain-computer interface technology through illuminated installations. In 2016 Laura was artist in residence at NES studio’s in Iceland furthering her research in neuroscience and bio-rhythms and electromagnetic fields. During the same year, she was also artist in residence at the Natural History Museum in Dubrovnik, Croatia, researching the Island of Lokrum and its connection to the preservation of nature through the “psycho-ecology” of curses. While in Europe, Laura was also invited to exhibit Brainlight at the new media arts festival Ars Electronica in Linz, Austria. Laura exhibited at the 2017 Athens Digital Art Festival in Greece and was one of six internationally invited artists to create work for the 500 year anniversary of Bach and Martin Luther which resulted in a travelling exhibition shown in the crypt of the Berliner Dom, in Berlin, Germany and Eisenach Cathedral, Germany.

Laura has had her work presented at many Australian festivals including Vivid, BEAMS, Woodford Folk Festival and Sydney Science Festival. She has exhibited at major institutions across Australia, including the Museum of Contemporary Art, The Powerhouse Museum, the Australian Museum, the S.A Natural History Museum and the National Archives in Canberra.