Kirra Weingarth

Kirra Weingarth is a Sydney-based Indigenous artist, educator and researcher with a Bachelor of Design (HONS) from UNSW Art & Design. She grew up on the Far North Coast but has lived and worked in Sydney for the past ten years. As a descendent of the Birri-Gubba Nation in North-East Queensland, Kirra’s background encourages her to explore identity, cultural reconnection and layered histories through an interdisciplinary practice. As an Indigenous art educator at the Art Gallery of New South Wales, she is interested in practices that foster cultural advocacy, ownership and empowerment. Having been awarded the Emerging Indigenous Artist Fellowship from the Australian Museum in 2019, she is currently developing research outcomes from time spent with the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander collection. Overall her practice and approach to making is about solidifying her cultural heritage and processing the family histories that come with it.