Julia Gutman

Gutman holds an MFA from Rhode Island School of Design (2018) where she was the recipient of a Graduate division Scholarship. She has exhibited in both New York and Sydney, and is held in Public and Private collections both in Australia and Internationally.

In the words of the artist:
My work seeks to queer the narratives that surround dominant cultural artifacts. Material interventions unto familiar objects subvert our gendered relationships to them. A curvaceous, floral, Queen-Anne style couch abandons its subservient duty to your behind and meets you at eye level, rendering it unsittable; dainty gloves and softballs designed for hitting and being held form a fierce collective body that is both arresting and frilly. Hyperbolic in their impression of femininity, these sculptures are a tongue-in-cheek attempt to highlight the limited ways in which objects that have been culturally coded as feminine, soft, kitsch and decorative are given space to be understood as complex and powerful, particularly within the sphere of art and design.