Guy Francis Martin

Guy Francis Martin (born 1990 in Pearl Beach, NSW, Australia) is a contemporary Australian artist who lives and works in Sydney, NSW.


Guy Francis Martin has studied for the Bachelor of Fine Arts at the National Art School, majoring in painting. In 2011 two of Martin’s paintings were selected as finalists in the Blacktown City Art Prize in Sydney, he also showed work at the National Art School’s group exhibitions including the 2012 Graduation Exhibition, Gridnight Cowboy, 2012 and Better Middle Head than Dead in 2011. In 2012 Martin took part in the group exhibition Shadows of a Nation at MCLEMOI Gallery, Sydney, and in 2013 was selected for exhibition in Emerging 2013 at Gosford Regional Gallery, NSW. Martin is represented by MCLEMOI Gallery in Sydney.


Martin makes oil paintings which take as their subject the human figure in its surroundings. His works encapsulate a sense of unease, and delve into the psychological space of the subjects. The paintings tread a delicate balance between the physicality of the mark and an immersive atmosphere. Martin’s practice is an investigation into the human condition and figurative painting as a means of self-expression.