Armando Chant

Armando Chant is a Sydney-based artist whose practice is an investigation of material transformation as applied to mediated images of the ‘landscape.’ The work is concerned with the possibilities and limits of representation using processes of erasure, disruption and repetition in relation to found images, where ‘the image’ does not sit exclusively within one realm but in between multiple mediums and surfaces. This interdisciplinary and process-based approach builds on the conceptual and aesthetic tension between craft and concept, image and object, local and global, visual and tactile. Chant’s work explores these dynamic relationships by foregrounding the in-between as a new space that emerges from these binary tensions.

Chant has participated in significant group and solo exhibitions nationally and internationally that reflect this expansive and explorative approach that bridges the gaps between art/artisanal creative practices and challenges the perceptions of where the drawn mark exists. Within Australia, he has participated in both Sydney and Melbourne exhibitions that have been part of arts festivals such as Sydney Art Month and Head On photography festival.

Chant has also participated in major regional gallery exhibitions such as the Tamworth Textile triennial 2015, where the gallery acquired the work for its collection and its 2020 edition , and the Wangaratta Contemporary Textile award in 2019 and 2021. Internationally Armando has participated in curated and solo exhibitions and symposiums in Florence, Finland and Paris.

In 2018 he was an artist in Residence at the DRAWInternational Artist Residence program in Caylus, France. The residency is the leading program for artists whose central exploration focus is drawing in its many varied forms.