Anna John

Anna John isan artist and musician interested in the materiality of immaterial things.Sound, time, energy, mood and affect manifest as situations, installations and performance in her multi-disciplinary practice that spans objects, music and environment. Common to both threads of her practice is an investment in improvisation and play, which leads to the creation of fluid transitional spaces that scrutinize the norms of value, time and labor by asking what it is to make, to place and to see.

In 2015 John completed an MFA at Sydney College of the Arts which included a semester at the Piet Zwart Institute in Rotterdam, NL (2013) under the tutelage of Jan Verwoertand Vivian Sky Rehberg. During which she was awarded the Fauvette Laureiro Exchange Scholarship and the Zelda Steadman award by Sydney University. John has been the recipient of Artstart (2010), Soundclash (with Holy Balm, 2011) and International Pathways grants (also with Holy Balm, 2012). She has exhibited extensively in Australia and internationally in Rotterdam (2013), KFAK Kassel (2014) and Turner Gallery in Tokyo (2015). She is a co-director of 55 Sydenham Rd, Marrickville and will be having a solo exhibition there in June 2017.